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Bruin specializes in valuing technology based intellectual property rights that are the fundamental basis for long term, high margin opportunities.



In arriving at our positions of current value, we strive to leverage knowledge of the entire business context for the subject opportunity including the strengths and weaknesses of the controlling intellectual property.



"[T]echnology transfer is a problem in applied judgement. Deals are based on two parties agreeing to what seems like a reasonable exchange. Understanding how they come to this conclusion is an interdisciplinary problem that builds upon insights from the social scientific, business/economic, and legal literature"

- Dr. Phyllis L. Speser, The Art and Science of Technology Transfer





"For the seller, the challenge is to find that prospective buyer who, because of some combination of experience, general optimism about the future, relevant assets, and especially with significant needs for new products, will grasp some of the seller's upside enthusiasm."

- Dr. Richard Razgaitas, Valuation & Dealmaking of Technology-Based Intellectual Property





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